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Tube assist is amazing within the first couple of days I started seeing results I recommend this for every person who is serious about there youtube page! Just check my channel out if you're a skeptic.
I was just some guy posting videos on the internet and for some reason none of my vids were getting noticed. I started using TubeAssist and things changed quickly. Like I'm not going to lie, I didn't trust it at first but then I just took a leap of faith and it worked. Now I'm getting subscribers and also I'm getting people based on what things I love. I'm really enjoying TubeAssist! Thanks a bunch BTW TubeAssist :)
- Christopher Whitting
so far it can only get better cuz it has been working for me so far...its not a whole lot of views but its a whole lot more than what i would have gotten on my own...its like having someone on my team doing promotions for me...its great and i'm satisfied that's why i still have my account... I've been a fan since windows version and was dying for a mac version so thanks to tube assist team
We were looking for a kick-start when we launched our new channel and we came across TubeAssist. It's simple to use, intuitive and has proved so effective that just keep running new campaigns and it just keeps generating traffic. Fantastic!
I received an increase in the amount of traffic to my youtube channel. I also received an increase in subscriber count. Great service! Thanks!
I love TubeAssist! I have a Mac and couldn't use the other YouTube marekting softwares... When I saw this I was so happy! Now I can have campaigns run without my computer being on! I have added 1000 contacts to my channel in just 2 days! Its great! I will be using this for a long time! Subscribe!
Hi, my name is Cole Thomson, Youtube channel "hiddenjewgold". I've been using this service for just over 2 months now, and regret nothing. This simple, yet incredibly effective method of gaining attention on YouTube is perfect. I've talked to the support team a couple of times, they're extremely helpful and quick to reply, and the system itself is extremely easy to set up and maintain. Rating: 10/10
Thanks to TubeAssist i don't need to login and check daily my Tube Tool Box anymore! I was chilling out while TubeAssist shared thousand of my videos this month and i am already receiving many comments and subs. Great job TA staff! Keep on rockin' Bless, Daniele Dezi
- Daniele Dezi
TubeAssist is perfect for people who don't have the time to spread the word about their product or music. With TubeAssist I can run my errands and focus on more important things while building a fanbase for my artist.
- Tyresha Williams
Guys, I really appreciate what you are doing at TubeAssist.  I have a small gaming channel, and it's really hard to get noticed at all these days, because there are soooooo many people doing similar Call of Duty/Let's Play videos.  With TubeAssist, I am now at about 1,250 Subscribers in about a month of posting videos.  It is an incredibly helpful system, and easy to use, I reccommend it to anyone with a target demographic who wants to get more attention on their videos!
I LOVE TubeAssist!!!!!!!! It has helped me gain real fans and get real traffic to my youtube channel. I seen there link on subscribertrain.com so I sign up and in no time i started receiving emails from youtube that said i had new subscribers and needed to aprove some new comments so i went to my youtube page and my views had gone up too! I had new fans, new views, likes, subscribers, and comments. It was fast and very easy to setup Thanks TubeAssist.com
Tubeassist is a great medium to increase traffic to your youtube. My contacts have increased about 2000 and my views are climbing and climbing. Great way to network with people with very little effort.
For the two months I've been using your service, I'm grateful with the results, when I started I had like 50 subscribers, yeah, very few, and they're still very few (87) But I must compare that those 50 subscribers were in a period of more than ONE YEAR (almost One Year and a half) and in 2 months the number of subscribers almost doubled. So thanks!
I consider my self an entrepreneur and an professional promoter for other positive concepts and for my self for my up coming music & projects..driving into research to find the best way to reach out to the world...I had use "Tool TubeBox" which I still use today. So I perfect the way how to use that software to its efficiency. So I thought of way to see if I can make it even more efficient... did my research. .. and BAM!!! "Tube Assist" which is the best thing ever...I have been getting more contact with new people every day my message box was full of new contacts now my views are going up fast! And I am max out with contacts lol ....due to the fact that "Tube Assist" runs 24/7 with no problems... so if your problem is being busy everyday like me with family and dont leave your computer on because of killing the battery and what not and then haveing to sleep... so its ok to have "Tool TubeBox" and leave your cumputer on for a couple of hours... but if you want something more effective and efficient then "Tube Assist" its the bests way to go!!! So go head give your cumputer a rest or get more work done with both... and let "Tube Assist" do its part...24/7
- Vandal Livingston
Me parece la mejor pagina que he visto en la red para conseguir suscriptores, 100% efectivo  muy facil y rapido.
Well at first I was sceptical about this service but after trying it out for a month I was surprised to see how many views and interested subs I gained by sharing my videos, a great service that I plan on using more, thank you TubeAssist!  

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